FEGGY MIN PACKAGE GIVEAWAY!!!! How to win (you don’t have to do all 3 of this. you can either take part with Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook methods. but the more you take part, the higher is the chance to win ^^) [ TUMBLR ] Follow feggyminart.tumblr.com Like & Reblog the post about the Giveaway (you can also include why you want to win this package)[ TWITTER ] Follow @feggymin89 (https://twitter.com/feggymin89)  Tweet #feggymingiveaway and tag @feggymin89 or go to my account and RT the tweet about the Giveaway![ FACEBOOK ] Like www.facebook.com/FeggyMinART (you can find more Infos what to do on the page) I will pick ONE random winner on 5th MAY 2014 !!! make sure your ASK Box is open on Tumblr ^^THE PACKAGE: 1 Shirt 1 Phone Cover 1 MousePad 1 Backpack1 Puzzle& random goodies ^^ You can chose the designs of your wish for the Shirt, Phone Cover, Puzzle and the Mousepad from my Artworks!!!! Check my artworks here: CLICK FOR FEGGY MIN ARTWORKS And also for the Backpack you can chose between 6 different colors or the Holy Donut Backpack… check them out here: BACKPACKS Available Phone Covers: Iphone 4 , 4S & 5, 5C, 5S / Samsung Note 1 & 2 & 3 / Samsung Galaxy s2 & 3 & 4 / Samsung Galaxy s3 mini & s4 mini / HTC ONE X / HTC ONE S THIS IS A WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY!! MUCH LUCK!!! xoxo

Prince on Ice